The Importance of Having a Will

Everyone can benefit from having a properly drafted, executable will. Yes, even you. Whether you are a person of wealth or of modest means, a will can help protect the assets you have worked hard to accumulate, as well as prevent complications from arising down the road.

You might have visited some online services for will creation, but these services do little to truly personalize your estate plan. Attorney Paul W. Holmes understands how beneficial having an experienced lawyer on your side can be when you sit down to create a will aimed at achieving your goals.

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What Are the Benefits of Having a Will?

The benefits of having a will are almost too numerous to list, but the following are some important reasons why you should develop an estate plan sooner rather than later:

  1. Inheritance: A will allows you to determine who will inherit your property. Dying without a will is known as dying intestate. Should this occur, your property will be distributed according to state law, rather than according to your wishes.
  2. Charitable contributions: You may dictate any final charitable contributions that you would like to be made in your name from your estate, allowing you to continue to support organizations you care for.
  3. Naming an executor: In a will, you nominate whom you want to be the executor, the person to handle your estate.
  4. To make your wishes known: You avoid the potential for significant, emotional disputes between family members — it is not uncommon for family members to challenge a will if it is unclear or ambiguous.
  5. Save money: You could potentially save significant amounts of money by reducing your tax burden.

The Benefit of Having Experience on Your Side

Attorney Paul W. Holmes has nearly 35 years of experience developing estate plans for individuals in the Fremont area. He takes the time to learn about his clients' situation before personalizing an estate plan to meet both their current and future needs. He also understands the importance of hiring an attorney you trust and whom you know will be available should questions arise. This is why he offers free consultations to each client so he or she can learn more about the services he provides.

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