Legal Guidance Through the Probate Process

After the death of a family member, you may face the probate process. This involves administering your loved one's estate and completing all associated legal, administrative and financial tasks.

At Paul W. Holmes, Attorney at Law, we represent beneficiaries, heirs, executors and personal representatives in probate and trust administration issues. Whether you are interested in creating a trust, seeing a trust administered or facing the probate process, we can provide the sound legal guidance you need to protect your rights in the process.

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Guidance Through the Entire Probate Process

Administering an estate, also known as probate, can be a long and complex process. After a death, there are many details that need to be settled. We are ready to help you through each step in the probate process which may include:

  • Transferring real estate
  • Transferring property to designated beneficiaries
  • Filing necessary paperwork with the court
  • Paying outstanding debts

The probate process varies from estate to estate. If the deceased died without a will (if the decease died "intestate"), the process becomes more complex. Our firm is ready to represent you no matter what unique circumstances apply.

We also represent clients in the summary administration process in California.

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