Trust Administration

The probate and trust administration process usually begins at the time of death. Whether you have been named the executor of an estate or you are a beneficiary, you may need a legal representative to ensure that your rights are protected at the time of asset distribution.

Paul W. Holmes, Attorney at Law, is an experienced probate and trust administration attorney with significant experience in handling estates of all sizes. He represents executors, beneficiaries and heirs interested in trust administration or the settling of an estate.

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What We Can Help You With

Our primary attorney will work with the estate executor, beneficiaries, trustees or heirs interested in the administration of an estate, which may include:

  • Probate
  • Trust administration
  • Collecting assets and asset distribution
  • Estate tax returns
  • Paying off debts
  • Summary administration of small estates

Is Probate Necessary?

We can help you evaluate the estate situation and determine if probate is necessary. Where probate is necessary, we can act as your advocate to ensure that the estate is properly administered in accordance with any legally established wishes of the decedent.

Summary Administration

We will take the time to explore all of your rights and obligations as well as any options or alternatives to the probate process. Summary administration is a way to collect assets and deal with bank accounts without going through the probate process. Under California law, you may be able to avoid probate where a spouse will inherit everything or an estate is under $150,000 in value. Find out more about summary administration.

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