Summary Administration

The state of California allows for summary administration in lieu of probate for estates that meet certain criteria. Summary administration is specially suited for smaller estates (those under $150,000 in value). Additionally, 40 days must have passed since the death before the summary administration process can begin. Summary administration may also be available if all of the decedent's assets are passing to the surviving spouse, regardless of the total value of those assets.

At Paul W. Holmes, Attorney at Law, we guide clients through the California summary process, ensuring that all proper legal steps are taken. If you are a spouse or domestic partner (or under certain circumstances, a personal representative) who wishes to learn about this process and how we can help, please call 510-402-1582.

What Are the Benefits of Summary Administration?

Some of the benefits of summary administration include:

  • Less time: Summary administration generally takes less time than the probate process.
  • Less money: Summary administration is generally less costly than probate.

We will help you understand your rights and obligations in relation to administering your loved one's estate, whether you are facing the summary administration or probate process. We will help you complete the process in an efficient and timely manner.

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